What brings a hunter to the outdoors cannot be expressed in words. The physical sensation interpreted by the love of nature. The appreciation of the open air, the beauty of living creatures, the sound of moving water, and the relationship with the land, These are the perceptions and reflections of a hunter.

The Hunter has lived on for generations preserving the tradition of time. Past down from Father to Son dating back to the beginning of civilization humans have survived on their skills of hunting. This was not considered a sport in fact every part of the animal was used in their every day life for tools, hair brushes, blankets and more. Brave worriors based their hunting skills to determine their manhood. They took pride in displaying their trophies keeping the antlers, teeth and skulls as symbols of their tribe or family. The oldest form of hunting would soon take a very different turn.

It was human evolution that required the hunter to develop a higher level of skills. Townsmen needed crafters, tradesmen, animal tenders, weavers, shoer's and more. Hunting was no longer just a mans job. Many women contributed if they were able.

During the 1700's machinery became very popular. Farming and raising livestock for reproduction slowed the need for hunting down to the sport. Many small towns had tannery businesses in the demand for hides and quality leather. It was the 1800's that hunters began bringing their trophies to the upholsterer where they would sew up the skins and stuff them with cotton and rags. Museums started taking notice and displaying these trophies for educational use.
In the early part of the 20th century the Taxidermist practiced many new techniques and soon this trade evolved into a respectful art of wildlife.
So look how far we have come. Our modern day hunter tries to reflect on our ancestors past. We spend days in anticipation for the hunting trip. We plan far and away places to travel, taking our sons and daughter in tow. We sit quietly for hours, stalking our prey, creating the most memorable moments never to be forgotten. This is the heart and history of a hunter.

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